Belly Dance Baby
Belly Dance Baby
Renaissance Place
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About Us

Belly Dance Baby is the newest addition to the Belly Dance Maternity family, presenting a well-edited and imaginative collection of the best on the baby and toddler market. Belly Dance Baby is a natural extension of Belly Dance’s product offering. Pregnant customers love the selection and taste of Belly Dance Maternity, and this new business is a response to the needs of that customer. Customers often ask at the end of their pregnancies what is hip for babies , and this is Belly Dance’s answer.

Belly Dance Baby’s selection includes the top baby brands with categories such as clothing, footwear, bedding, nursery décor, furniture, mealtime and bathtime gear, hip toys, diaper bags, and nursing essentials. Brands include Skip Hop, Tea Collection, Dwell Baby, Netto Collection, blabla, Zid Zid, Oeuf, and Paulina Quintana. Just as it has done with its maternity selection, Belly Dance Baby seeks to provide the top products in every category and is always adding new brands and items.

Belly Dance does extensive research and partners with brands to provide customers with an assortment to meet many tastes at a broad range of prices. Belly Dance puts extra effort in to exceed customer expectations. The birth of Belly Dance Baby is in response to those dedicated customers who shopped at Belly Dance Maternity through their pregnancy and want to continue to shop after their baby has arrived.

Belly Dance Baby is committed to celebrating the newest addition to your family with hip, cool, and comfortable products. We look forward to continued growth in our family and the opportunity to provide babies and toddlers with everything they need to grow and learn.

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