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Since we have been manufacturing quality baby bedding for over 20 years, our selection and caliber of crib bedding products are unmatched. We have dozens of fabric patterns and a huge assortment of solid colors and ginghams offered in a variety of linens and accessories. Our in-house design staff allows us to constantly introduce modern, designer and unique baby bedding in contemporary styles as well as long-standing, traditional collections. View our latest designs in our new arrivals, designer baby bedding and modern baby bedding sections. Our selections include a variety of crib bedding designed to fit cribs, cradles, portacribs and toddler beds.
Crib Bedding Sets

Our crib bedding sets contain four pieces - a crib comforter, crib skirt (also called dust ruffle), fitted crib sheet and a crib bumper. All of these items have been designed to fit a standard crib. Although we offer these sets as bundled collections, each can be purchased separately. Also, any of our crib bedding pieces can be customized for a nominal fee. See our custom crib bedding section for more.
Toddler Bedding Sets

Our Four piece toddler bedding sets include an expertly crafted comforter, a matching fitted sheet, top sheet and a pillow/pillow case. Each of these items can be purchased separately or as a bundle. The toddler bedding collection page offers a variety of matching sheets and pillow cases so the perfect design can be accomplished for your toddler.
Cradle Bedding Sets

Our cradle bedding sets contain three pieces - a fitted cradle sheet, a 29" x 39" blanket and cradle bumper. Each can be purchased separately or as a bundle.
Portable Crib Bedding Sets

Our portable, mini crib bedding bundles come in three pieces - a fitted sheet, a 29" x 39" blanket and bumper. As with all of our bundles, each item can be purchased individually or as a set.

Our line of nursery accessories and nursery decor includes:

* Rocking chair pads
* High chair pads
* Window valances
* Diaper stackers
* Changing pad covers
* Musical mobiles
* Nursery drapes

Our nursery decor products are organized by fabric style. Choose a crib/baby bedding collection to see matching nursery decor items. For those looking for deeply discounted or discontinued items, visit our discount crib bedding section.

Carousel Designs is a leading manufacturer of quality infant linens and accessories. For 20 years Carousel Designs has designed, manufactured and distributed its original designs to better baby specialty stores nationwide. Located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Carousel Designs was selected twice as the "Manufacturer of the Year" by two different independent retail buying groups. We offer the perfect complement to any of your furniture in the nursery. Now, Carousel Designs is offering those same products on its website where consumers can directly purchase the finest infant linens and accessories at the lowest possible prices.

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